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Art House is a group of companies that is one
of the largest and successfully operating in the real estate market in Thailand for many years.

Our company is touted to be the one with an impeccable reputation of honesty and transparent transactions. We sustain high professional standards and position, values and etiquette when doing business.

High qualifications of our expert staff help our potential customers and investors find their perfect product to buy or a project to invest in, and prevent any mistakes or risk of wasting money. Our knowledge is the result of our experience which we have gained for many years. All of these extend an irreplaceable service in gaining the goals you set.


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ArtHouse Group

01 06

3Kings Construction Co., Ltd
3Kings Construction Co., Ltd Commenced construction business by forming a group of persons who had the same ideas and philosophy in the construction business.
With construction team who have experience more 30 years, 3Kings Construction Co., Ltd are confident by introducing ourselves we will be able to create the best quality to our clients in various types of construction such as hotels, office building, condominiums, apartments, and development projects to our clients.
We bring our experience and academic knowledge of the construction industry combined with new technology, including construction management by our own experienced engineers and architects.

We build stability, starting from the underground, fighting the sky.

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02 06

As a diversified construction and construction materials company and a full-suite provider in the construction materials market, sanitary Equpment and steel metal structures, Teem delivers Infrastructure Solutions for public and private clients throughout the Thailand.

03 06

Escore Water Treatment
Escore Co., Ltd. operate the business of producing and distributing equipment related to good water-wastewater treatment
Еhe brand "ESCORE", water pump, cover grating, designing and installing the equipment of good water-wastewater treatment system with the team and engineers directly experienced in environment, which is widely accepted by the customers, with quality and environmental policy.
We are committed to develop and control product quality to have high efficiency, strength and durability with long useful life for environmental conservation and response to satisfaction and worthiness of customers. Having good awareness about customer service with integrity, sincerity, rapidity, correctness, precision and safety, we will achieve objectives to meet legal and environmental standards.

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04 06

Artidea Furniture
Artidea furniture is key service is custom furniture design manufacturing in Рhuket, Thailand base. Modern, loft style, industrial, condominium, apartment ,restaurant and customised furniture store. We provide service for your such as build in furniture or whether small or large work piece, every single piece of your favorited furniture in manufacturing, composed by experienced cognitive knowledge collected. Excellent quality in storage

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05 06

Mirage Restaurant
A Combination of restaurant and bar. Implementing of a great food and activity experience. Offer an Open area for Event & activity. Best for gathering. Here is comfortable space for coworking and great food at sky roof top Restaurant. You can enjoy a variety of dishes each prepared by the expert chef to give you the best dining experience.

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06 06

Dynamic Club
Dynamic Club is the culmination of a vision - the vision to bring health to the local Phuket community through centrally located access to world class fitness services. You now have the opportunity to significantly improve your lifestyle, get yourself super-fit and ensure a long and most importantly, functional life.
Our impressive new facility spans over 500sqm providing everything you could wish for in a CrossFit and Muay Thai training facility. We have promoted and established the optimum training environment for our members to achieve real and meaningful results. Match this up with our professional coaching team and you know you're in the right place! We cap our classes in order to ensure quality, progression, the best possible customer experience and to deliver faster results for our members.

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