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Surin Apartments
Built 2022
Location Surin
Total Area 28-149 m²
Swimming pool 270 m²
Beach 2 km
Living area 24-139 m²
Bedrooms Studio-3

Eco friendly concept. Profitable investment program.



Surin Villa
Built 2022
Location Surin
Total Area 130-260 m²
Swimming pool 22 m²
Beach 0,1 km
Living area 102-235 m²
Bedrooms 2-4

Ultimate sea view



Passed the legal
due diligence check
Kamala Apartments
Built 2020
Location Kamala
Total Area 295 m²
Swimming pool 46 m²
Beach 0,5 km
Living area 219 m²
Bedrooms 4

This property is a great choice for families or as an investment opportunity.



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Construction in Phuket If you are interested in building houses in Thailand our company is happy to offer our services to you. We provide a complete development of various projects starting from the land surveys to interior design in a complete house.

Trusting your development to our company you avoid risks related to legal issues in a foreign country as well as risks with dishonest contractors. We develop various projects all around Phuket.

Our Services

  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Renovation of buildings
  • Roofing work
  • Facade work
  • Project design
  • Plumbing and electrical maintenance
  • Drainage works
  • Foundations

Our advantages

  • Building design is carried out by our own engineering department, which carries out complex design of projects
  • Our company has all approvals and qualified staff to carry out construction design and installation work.
  • Building construction is carried out by an experienced team of engineering and technical workers and highly qualified labors. We have our own production base and construction equipment
  • We carry out the whole range of construction work: from foundation work to the installation of internal and external engineering networks and turnkey finishing works
  • We purchase construction materials directly from factories without intermediaries. We’re an official manufacturer of Escore waste and sanitary systems.
  • We take responsibility for the project, our company has a single team interested in a quality result